Stewardship Program

North Frontenac Crown Land Stewardship Program

Management, operations and maintenance of the North Frontenac Parklands is governed by the Township of North Frontenac. The North Frontenac Parklands (NFPL) is an innovative collaboration between the Township of North Frontenac and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF).

The mission of the NFPL is to “provide resource stewardship and maintenance of the Crown Lands and provide a model of influence and public awareness for the necessity to conserve and preserve our natural resources.” 

Under the NFPL/MNRF partnership the Township of North Frontenac assumed management and operating maintenance responsibilities for approximately 58 kilometers of crown roads located within the Township boundaries. Over 70% of the total geographic area of the Township is Crown Land. 

Under the program the Township obtains funds from the sale of camping and road access permits which are reinvested in stewardship and maintaining the North Frontenac Parklands.

Stewardship is not just the responsibility of local and provincial governments. Only through diligent conservation and respect for nature have the North Frontenac Parklands remained one of the unspoiled backcountry experiences within an easy commute for so many.