Rules & Regulations

The North Frontenac Parklands are situated on Crown Lands which offer campers, hikers, bikers and users of small recreational water craft some of the most beautiful scenery nature has to offer.

To help make your stay an enjoyable one for you and other visitors, we ask that you abide by the following Municipal Camping By-law rules and regulations:

  1. The North Frontenac Park Lands are open to visitors with camping permits from May 1 through to October 31 every year.  Road access permits are required for the use of Crown roads within the North Frontenac Park Lands, from April 1st to November 15th each year.
  2. Camping is allowed only on designated campsites with a valid camping permit. Road access is included during the valid period specified on your camping permit for one vehicle and an ATV. Leave the road access portion of your camping permit displayed in the windshield of your vehicle when you park it.
  3. No more than 6 persons shall occupy a campsite at the same time.
  4. Approved ‘Not-For-Profit’ groups are permitted to have 10 people per campsite provided the campsite is large enough to accommodate this.
  5. Campsite permits are in effect from the time of issue until 12 noon on the day it expires. Please vacate the site by 12 noon.
  6. Campsites are NOT permitted to be reserved for more than twenty-one (21) consecutive days.
  7. Persons to whom campsite permits have been issued are required to show the permit for inspection by the By-law Enforcement Officer or North Frontenac Parklands Staff, upon request.
  8. Upon vacating a campsite, persons shall take with them all equipment, materials, food supplies and garbage and leave the campsite in a neat and tidy condition. All garbage shall be taken home with you or disposed of at a local Waste Disposal Site during open hours – please show the waste attendant your campsite permit for access. Waste Site hours and locations are found on the Townships Website (
  9. Persons with valid permits shall not leave their campsite unattended for a period exceeding 8 hours.
  10. Fires are permitted only in designated fire pits or in portable stoves and BBQs.
    • Keep fires small using only fallen small branches and twigs. Never cut down standing trees or vegetation in the campground.
    • If a FIRE BAN is in effect, then no person shall start a fire or permit a fire to continue to burn, EXCEPT in a portable stove or BBQ.
    • Please check the Township of North Frontenac website ( for the current FIRE BAN status and BURNING BYLAW.
    • Persons starting a fire must keep it under control at all times, and ensure that it is fully extinguished with water.
  11. No person using the Park Lands shall:
    • Remove, damage or deface any property of the Parklands;
    • Cut or remove any living trees;
    • Deposit litter or other debris in any place within the North Frontenac Parklands;
    • Shout, play loud music, make noises or engage in unruly behaviour that is disturbing, disruptive or annoying to other visitors;
    • Build and attach any permanent structure of any type to trees, etc… on any campsite within the Parkland’s.
  12. Generators shall not be used between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. per Township By-law #40-20.
  13. All guests shall be registered with the permit issuer and the person to whom the campsite permit is issued shall be responsible for the conduct of the guests at all times.
  14. Failure by any person to comply with this By-law may result in immediate cancellation of the campsite permit and removal from the Parklands.
  15. Any person who contravenes this By-law is guilty of an offense and upon conviction is liable to payment of a fine. 
  16. The Township of North Frontenac NOW permits refunds:
    • Penalties will occur (50% plus $3.00 Administration Fee will not be reimbursed) if cancelling within 3 days of your scheduled reservation start date.
    • A full refund (minus a $3.00 Administration Fee) will be issued if cancelling prior to 3 days within your scheduled reservation start date.
    • All cancellations must occur prior to your scheduled booking date.
    • Cancellations on or after the day of your reservation will not be refunded.
    • All refunds will be processed back to the original Credit Card that was used to make the reservation.
    • Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the refund to be processed.