How To Guide

Need Help?

We now have a few different ways in which you can book your campsite. If you need assistance in getting around our new site and how to book a site in numerous ways, please click ‘How to Guide‘ to open the document.

New Features

  • Modifying a reservation;
  • Cancelling a reservation and receiving a refund;
  • Booking multiple sites;
  • Directions to your Lake.

What cannot be done

  • Modify your reservation Site Number;
  • Book multiple sites using different dates.

Important Changes

We have come a long way in creating this new Website for everyone to enjoy! It is modern and easy to use for all!

One of the newest improvements is now having the end user be able to cancel and refund reservations, where we have also incorporated new policies for cancellations.

Please see our Rules and Regulations section for more information on the cancellation policies.