Fire Ban Information

The Township of North Frontenac Open Air By-law #53-19 as amended, defines a Fire Ban as follows:

“Fire Ban” means a total fire ban and shall prohibit; burning of debris, burning in an outdoor incinerator, chimineas, fireworks displays, campfires of any type, and charcoal installations.   

Note: During a fire ban a BBQ or Hibachis (charcoal installation) may be used provided it is at least 2 meters from any flammable material and the ashes and coals produced are completely extinguished and safely disposed of.

During a Fire Ban, you cannot have an outdoor open air fire.  However, you may use the following in accordance with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) Outdoor Fire RestrictionsForest Fire Prevention ActOntario Regulation, 207/96 as amended:

Gas or Fuel Stove

 Note: “stove” means an approved commercially manufactured portable device used for cooking or warmth.

  1. The stove is at least one metre from any naturally occurring or flammable material.
  2. The stove is designed to use a liquid or a gas as fuel.
  3. A liquid or gas is used as the fuel.
  4. The flame in the stove can be extinguished by closing a fuel control valve or by closing the stove.


  1. The installation is designed to be used for cooking or warmth.
  2. The installation is designed to use commercially produced charcoal as fuel.
  3. Commercially produced charcoal is used as the fuel.
  4. The installation is being used within 100 metres of a permanent structure used as a dwelling.
  5.  The person setting the fire is on land that he or she lawfully occupies or has permission to set a fire from the person who lawfully occupies the land.
  6. The installation is at least 2 meters from any flammable material.
  7. Ashes must be thoroughly extinguished and cold before disposal of ashes.
  8. The person setting the fire is in attendance at all times while the fire is going.

 Appliance(s) not listed above are Not Permitted during a Fire Ban. It is illegal to burn anything outdoors when the Township of North Frontenac is under a burn ban.

When a Burn Ban is ON,
No Burning anytime

Your help in preventing a forest fire is greatly appreciated.

The Ministry of Natural Resources monitors things like current weather trends and amount of rain fall, they use this information to determine whether or not it is safe to start a fire outdoors. We will keep this information readily available to you for the safety of our residents.

Fire Ban Information Lines:
Ward 1 contact (613) 336-1851
Ward 2 and 3 contact (613) 479-0399
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