Buy it Where you Burn it

Did you know these fact:

Firewood is a staple of almost everyone’s camping trip whether it is going to a campground, travelling to a cottage or hunting camp or even visiting natural areas. When you transport firewood you could unknowingly spread dangerous insects and diseases which in turn have potential to kill millions of trees.

Transported firewood could spread devastating infestation, including the following:

  • The Emerald Ash Borer;
  • The Asian Longhorned Beetle;
  • The European Gypsy Moth;
  • Pathogens such as Beech Bark Disease and Redbay Wilt, among others.

Buy Where you Burn

With the increase of non-native insects and diseases throughout the country, campers can no longer transfer firewood without risk. North Frontenac Parklands is urging visitors to our area to purchase their firewood locally to avoid spread of invasive infestations.

Campfire Wood Can Be Purchased at the Following Locations in North Frontenac Township

Fernleigh Lodge
Address: 1796B South Road
Cloyne, Ontario, Canada
P: 866-459-9099

The Maz
14701 ON-41, Cloyne, ON K0H 1K0
(613) 336-1358

Marble Lake Lodge
1005 Marble Lake Road,
Cloyne, Ontario ýK0H1K0
(613) 336-0117

Smart’s Marina
R.R. #1, Hwy #41N
1018 Smart Road
Mazinaw Lake
Cloyne, Ontario K0H 1K0
(613) 336-2222

Woodcrest Resort
1570 Myers Cave Road
Harlowe, Ontario.
1 (800) 847-3324
(613) 336-2966

North of 7 Restaurant and Market
7325 Road 506
Plevna, Ontario.
(613) 479-2603

Palmerston Lake Marina
9637 Road 509
Ompah, Ontario
(613) 479-2176