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The North Frontenac Parklands offer the ultimate backcountry camping experience with 184 campsites interspersed around 11 pristine lakes, you will enjoy the scenic tranquility of the unique landscapes of North Frontenac Township within the Madawaska Highlands.

Access points on each lake can be reached by road. An off-road capable vehicle with clearance is the recommended choice of transport. Most campsites are accessible only by water from these access points.

Our campsites are ideally suited for setting up a base camp from which to enjoy a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Whichever activities you pursue, while you are taking in the natural beauty of your surroundings, we ask all visitors to respect the basic rules of backcountry etiquette to minimize the impact on the local vegetation and wildlife.

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North Frontenac Township

The North Frontenac Parklands will open for bookings each year on the first working day of November.  Township staff will activate the booking system at one time. In order to ensure fairness to everyone the booking model is first come, first serve.

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