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Wood Cockroach

There have been sightings of the common Wood Roach (also known as Pine Bugs or Cedar Bugs) in the Park Lands area.

Please read on for more information about this insect, and always be proactive with preparations for entering and leaving wilderness areas.


New Schooner Trail

The North Frontenac Park Lands has established its first official hiking trail.


Be Bear Wise!

There has been an increased amount of human-bear encounters.  PREPARE and BE AWARE of the steps you can take to avoid encounters with bears.


Important notice about campsite reservations – all visitors please read.


Govan Lake

This lake is located in the northeastern region of the North Frontenac Park Lands (below the south end of Norcan lake). Smaller than its southern counterparts,  this lake offers a more remote setting with land access restricted to Crown roads (logging and utility line servicing trails) requiring off-road capable vehicles.

Govan is the largest of lake in this northeastern region, but still relatively small by comparison to the other North Frontenac Park Lands lakes.

10 campsites are located on Govan Lake.



From Road 509 just east of Ompah turn onto Canonto Road. From Canonto turn left onto Arcol Road (between Palmerston and Canonto lakes). Follow Arcol Road, along the way Arcol changes from a secondary township road to a Crown road, and stay on Arcol to Hydro Lane. At Hydro Lane turn right. Follow it to the 3-way junction, Hungry Lake is here, carry on staying to the right to reach Mair Lake then Govan lake.

Be sure to take the map on this trip!

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Govan Lake Map
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