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Wood Cockroach

There have been sightings of the common Wood Roach (also known as Pine Bugs or Cedar Bugs) in the Park Lands area.

Please read on for more information about this insect, and always be proactive with preparations for entering and leaving wilderness areas.


New Schooner Trail

The North Frontenac Park Lands has established its first official hiking trail.


Be Bear Wise!

There has been an increased amount of human-bear encounters.  PREPARE and BE AWARE of the steps you can take to avoid encounters with bears.


Important notice about campsite reservations – all visitors please read.


Online Reservations

*Only Regular Visa and Mastercards are accepted during the online reservation process. No Debit Cards. No Debit Visa / Mastercard.

Campsite Reservations

To reserve your overnight campsite click here

Also, be sure to Check the availability calendars located,  below the booking form.

Non-Profit Groups, please contact the Municipal Office to see if you're eligible for reduced rates prior to booking your campsite. 1-800-234-3953 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Day Visits

There is lots you can see and do in a just one day at the North Frontenac Park Lands.  Planning to visit for a day of hiking or canoeing? — all you have to do is buy a road permit for the day.

The Camper's Kit

The Camper's Kit offers a convenient, affordable and simple alternative to managing your waste and recycling while renting a North Frontenac Park Lands Camp Site. The Kit contains what a person or family renting a campsite needs in order to manage disposal of their garbage and recycling - recycling and landfill information, bag tags, plus a one-time Waste / Recycling Site Pass. Available for purchase at the municipal office for $4 / Kit.

To Lake Residents, Campers and Visitors

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is responsible for monitoring the abundance and health of fish populations in the lakes and rivers across Ontario. MNRF science crews will collect information on fish species, take water samples, and check for invasive species in this lake and approximately 152 other lakes from June to September. Work on this lake will take 5 to 8 days to complete.

If you’re on this lake while it is being monitored and see MNRF buoys, please don’t lift the nets or buoys, and avoid recreational activities or anchoring between and around the buoys. All MNRF nets are clearly marked with orange buoys bearing the Ontario logo. Nets are checked and moved to a new location every day.

Biological data are collected by our science crews and provide MNRF biologists with valuable information about abundance, age structure, mortality, and maturity of the types of fish in the lake. This information is used to evaluate the health of fish populations in the lake and make management decisions.

The number of fish caught and sampled represents a very small percentage of the total population in the lake. As resource managers responsible for the sustainability of these populations, we are sensitive to the number of fish collected, but strongly believe this information is necessary to responsibly manage this resource.

It is important for your safety and for the integrity of our data that these nets are not disturbed. If you have any questions or concerns about our monitoring program, contact Steve Vandermeer at 705 324-5851 ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

For more on Ontario’s aquatic resources, check out for angling opportunities and monitoring techniques.


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